Finding sexy pregnant teen pix on the web is a bitch as I am sure you fuckers know if you have the same fetish as me, but I have found a few good sources of pregnant teen pictures, so I will start posting them here on the blog over the next few days. I also found a brand new all teens dating site, legal teens of course, but it’s a dating site for teens looking for older guys, so check that out after you’re done looking at some of these pics. Ohhh, also lets get this blogs chat room going more, lots of people come here and look around, I know from checking the stats, but it would be a lot more fun if we could keep the chat busy, I changed the chat software to meebo and it is embeddable just like a youtube video, so you can post the chat anywhere like your myspace or facebook etc and your own web pages. There is a share button under it too for posting on all the social networks, so share the site with your perverted friends lol ;) Thanx!

Anyway onto the pix: